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Goats for Sale

Goat Meat Farm - small herd
We Have Goats for Sale

Goats are the gifts that keep on giving.  Goat cheese has transcended from a rare oddity found at the most eclectic restaurants to one of the most preferred cheeses in Australia, North America, and Europe.  The growing consensus is that you’re not cultured if your palette is unaccustomed to goat cheese.  Goat milk is another commodity derived from goats that are not only tasty but lucrative.  Then, of course, there is the meat which ranges in taste, texture, and flavor depending on the age and gender of the goat.  These magical beasts are one of the most consumed proteins in the world.

Start your Own Goat Farm

If you’re interested in starting your own goat farm, we’d be happy to help.  The most important thing to consider is the fencing.  If you purchase land that we previously used to graze cattle, more than likely that fencing will not hold goats.  There is a saying that goes, ‘if it cannot hold water, it won’t hold a goat.’  Purchase a few goats from us and see how you like it.  It would be our pleasure to give you a few tricks of the trade.  Goats are social animals and don’t like to be alone.  If you’re going to purchase one, you might as well purchase 2 to keep it company. Call us now and get a free quote!

Farm to Table

Foodies love to spend their money on restaurants that have organic and free-range items on the menu.  They love to boast to their friends when a restaurant offers fresh farm to table ingredients.  When you purchase goats from Goat Meat Farm – Goats for Sale to Sydney and the Hunter Valley, that’ exactly what you get.  There is no over-exaggeration or fudging of the truth when you buy a goat from us.  If you’re concerned that your client base might not go for goat, the best way to introduce them to the other red meat is by creating a knock out specialty goat burger.

Organic & Free Range Goats

These days, all types of products ranging from bath & beauty to insecticides label their products as organic.  But is that really the case?  In most cases, what is deemed as such has less than 1% organic ingredients?  The purpose of organic products is to manufacture goods that are beneficial for the environment and the human consuming them.  If it’s just 1%, your body isn’t able to decipher through all the other toxins to discern the difference.  Instead of being trapped in cages, eating their own feces and suffering from fear, trauma, and diseases, our goats roam free.  Have faith knowing that the goats you’re purchasing are organic and free-range.

Goat Prices

As you can imagine, goat prices vary depending on gender, breed, and age.  Nannies fetch higher prices because of their ability to reproduce and create milk.  The gamey taste and smell normally associated with goats are typically derived from bucks.  Purchasing kids for slaughter at 6 to 9 months of age is the best way to avoid an undesirable taste.  Depending on the ethnic background or nationality of the consumer, we find that some people prefer bucks.  We can certainly vouch for the fact that bucks complement curry goat recipes very well.  A goat can range anywhere from $150 to $280.

Goats for Sale in Sydney, AU

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