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We love raising goats, and have invested significant time and resources into raising what we believe are the best goats in the Hunter Valley, if not beyond.  Despite the prevailing myths, goats are quite amicable.  They have wonderful temperaments that are extremely conducive for farming.  There is room for everyone at the top.  Goat farming is an extremely lucrative business.  If you are interested in learning more about goats and how you can thrive, let us know.  We can educate you about the best types of goats, how to raise them and the business aspects.  Our farm does more than raise and sell goats.  We’d be happy to share a few tricks of the trade with you.

If your health and contribution to the planet is a concern, you have definitely arrived at the right place.  Our goats are ethically raised without hormones and antibiotics.  You can rest assured knowing that your patrons and loved ones are ingesting the healthiest meat protein on the planet.  Animals gain their protein from the plants they consume.  Given that our goats are able to roam freely, you will be purchasing free range goat meat, raised without fear, anxiety and stressor hormones that build up in the muscle tissue during its lifetime. Contact us today for more info.


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