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Boer Goats

Boer Goats

If you have heard of the term Boer, you probably associate it with South Africans descendant from Dutch immigrants.  That’s definitely part of the equation.  Boer goats are imported from South Africa into Australia.  They have been in NSW since the 1980s.  Boer goats originate from the Northern Cape and Kalahari areas.  They are accustomed to extreme dry conditions.  This makes them perfect for the outback.  Compared to the harsh conditions in which they were bred, Australia seems like a lush oasis.  Because they thrive in severe conditions, we prefer them around these parts.

Special is as Special Does

So you might ask, ‘what makes Boer goats so special?’  Most importantly, they are the best meat producing goat species in Australia.  Feral goats are common in this area but it takes them twice as long to reach midsize compared to Boer goats.  The fact that we can turn a profit faster and meet our client’s demands in a timely manner is a plus.  Boer goats thrive in hot climates.  They do much better than cattle and sheep during times of drought.  Boar goats are characterized as easy care tough backs that grow well in commercial conditions.

Billy Goat Gruff

If you farm cattle or sheep but are seeking to earn a faster ROI, consider Boer goats.  They reach maturity at a much faster rate.  Once you experience it for yourself, you’ll know why goats are immensely popular throughout the world.  They typically range in price from $45 to $80.  The cost is dependent upon the gender and maturity of the goat.  Retail clients love that we have invested in Boer goats because it means that we are able to keep up with the demand.  If you need a goat for a particular religious, national or ethnic celebration, Boer goats make it possible for you to purchase one over the weekend versus being placed on a waiting list.

Hardy Animals

Don’t let the cuteness fool you.  Boer goats are hardy animals.  They are ideal livestock for our arid climate because they were bred to withstand long periods of drought.  Because Australia is in a constant state of drought, this environment is best for Boer goats.  Goat Meat Farm – Goats for Sale to Sydney and the Hunter Valley crossbreeds them with other stock to yield the best qualities.  Boer goats are characterized by long hair that can be used for cashmere.  They are typically white with red or brown heads.  Some are brown or completely white.

Stubborn as a Billy Goat

The myth surrounding goats is that they are mean and ill tempered.  The reality is that Boer goats have a great temperament.  This makes it easier to select one out of the herd.  They rarely fight each other, which means that the quality of the skins and meat is preserved.  Although they are tough animals, they have a superb temperament.  They are the largest among the goat meat producing breeds.  You can get more bang for your buck with Boer goats.  You can tell a Boer goat by the horns.  They are typically spaced farther apart.  If they get into a scuffle, the hooves don’t get caught as they do with ferals.


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