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Goat Meat Farm

Welcome to Goat Meat Farm – live goats for sale to Sydney and the Hunter Valley. We specialise in growing, breeding and fattening goats.  Goat farming is a $200 million export trade. Goat meat is beginning to replace beef and chicken in terms of popularity and consumption as it is nutritious and delicious.  Goat meat is an ideal meat for anyone on a diet as it has less calories than chicken and beef.  We engage in ethical goat farming in NSW.  Our goats are available (in a minimum order quantity of 50), to restaurant owners and chefs as well as local residents seeking healthy and sumptuous goat meat.

About Us

We are passionate about goats and we hope that it becomes contagious.  We work hard to ensure our goats are healthy and well cared for. Every opportunity we have to share our knowledge and joy about goats - we take advantage of.  Whether you want to raise goats yourself, expand your palette or adopt goats into your home, we’d be happy to help.


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    We operate a fresh goat meat farm in the Hunter Valley.  Residents and business owners can take advantage of our close proximity to Sydney.  You can buy goats directly from us.  Bypass the middle man and save money.  We specialize in farming goats and selling them to interested parties.  Goat Meat Farm – Goats for Sale to Sydney and the Hunter Valley offers a special crossbreed of Boer and wild goat common in Australia.  If you’re new to goat meat, you will benefit greatly from the recipes listed on this site.  Goat meat is known as the healthiest red meat because it is lower in calories and saturated fat when compared to beef.

    Goat Meat Farm - small mixed herd
    Fresh Goat Meat Farm

    You might be wondering, ‘where can I buy fresh goat meat?’ Look no further than Goat Meat Farm – Goats for Sale to Sydney and the Hunter Valley. Our goats are fed a natural diet. We let them browse the property in search of their favourite snacks. Continuous eating of green leaves, plants and bark makes their day. Our goats lead a leisurely life, free from stress, hormones and antibiotics. Serve up free range goat with organic, heirloom tomatoes and a dash of rosemary.

    Goat Meat Farm - small herd
    Goats for Sale

    We offer goats for sale in NSW. You don’t need to order goats from anywhere else. We make it convenient for you to purchase live, whole goats. Let us know the breed, size and gender. We can ship them directly to your doorstep. Our goal is to raise the healthiest goats and offer them to you at an affordable price. Because goat meat has become increasingly popular, we welcome butchers. Contact us to order yours today.

    “I wanted goat meat in Newcastle.  My husband told me to search for, ‘goat meat near me’.  But I didn’t know which goat is best for meat.  Hunter Valley Goat Meat Farm helped me understand which was the best breed for goat meat.  My family loves it.  We have it at least once a week.” – Salli R.

    Goat Meat Farm - grazing
    Goat Farm Near Me

    If you are looking for a 'Goat Farm Near Me' or 'goats for sale NSW',  and you live near Sydney, Central or Newcastle, look no further. We are located conveniently in the fertile Hunter Valley. Our goats are known for their easy going temperament, and the enjoy the lush pastures as they range free on our hills. They are characterized by their delicious flavour and healthy meat. Give us a call to find out more.

    Goat Meat Farm - Hunter Valley
    Hunter Valley Goat Meat Farm -
    A Short Drive from Sydney

    Restaurant owners, chefs and butcheries are welcome to take advantage of our close proximity to Sydney. If you’re on the market for goat meat in Sydney, come to Hunter Valley Goat Meat Farm. If you’d like, we can make special arrangements for delivery. As a courtesy, we offer door to door service. Goats on average provide 20 kilograms of meat from nose to tail. You or your customers will love them.

    “I was looking for a goat farm near me.  I began searching online for the best tasting goat meat.  I found Hunter Valley Goat Meat.  They had a 5-star rating.  Since I found them, I refuse to shop anywhere else for quality goat meat.  They have the best goat meat in the Hunter Valley.” – Bryan P.

    Goat Meat Recipe
    Goat Meat Recipes

    Goat meat works well with big, bold flavours. Pair them with spicy and sour notes. Try a Caribbean or Asian recipes with fresh cut goat cubes. If you prefer the bone in, roast it with fresh rosemary and accompany it with a tangy-sweet sauce. Australia exports 88% of its goat meat. This is a clear indication that the fervour has yet to catch on in this region. Ease your patrons and loved ones into the goat realm with tasty goat meat and goat cheese sliders.

    Goat Meat Farm - white marked goat
    Goat Meat-The World’s
    Healthiest Red Meat

    They don’t call it the world’s healthiest red meat for nothing. The nutritional value of goat meat is mind blowing. Goat meat has 72% less fat than chicken and 16% less saturated fat than beef. If that wasn’t enough, goat meat has less calories than beef and chicken. This is great news for folks constantly on a diet. Get the protein you need without the calories. Break out of the triangular prison of beef, chicken and pork.

    “We had no idea where to buy goat meat.  I started looking for a goat meat shop near me and a goat farm near me.  I stumbled across Hunter Valley Goat Meat.  They had a great reputation for healthy goats with a wonderful flavour.  At last, I found the perfect source of goat meat!” – Tabitha Q.

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    Australian consumers are tired of the same thing week after week.  This is the main reason why they have gravitated toward ethnic foods with such zeal.  Offer goat meat in various cuts and portions at your local market.  They will be curious about the new addition.  While you’ve got their attention, present them with free recipes to expand their palette and awareness.  Goat meat can be prepared just like beef and lamb.  For more information about how you can access superior goat meat, contact us today.  We offer goats which have been crossbred for delicious goat meat, raised in a healthy environment without toxic hormones or antibiotics.