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Restaurant owners and head chefs are welcome to contact us for a tour to see our goats up close and personal.  We’re guessing that the goat realm is new for you.  It would be our pleasure to get you up to speed.  A goat specialist will guide you along this journey, letting you know which breeds are best for particular dishes and pairings.  We’ll familiarize you with texture, smell and taste.  Order feral, Boer and crossbred goats for your kitchen.  Farm to table is a concept that foodies love.  With our goats, you can offer unrivalled authenticity.  If you are interested in goats as pets, we’d love to help.  Goats have a bad reputation for being obstinate and stubborn, hence the saying, ‘stubborn as a goat’.  Boer goats have a great temperament and make wonderful pets.  Teach children about compassion, empathy and consistent care with a friendly, easy maintenance goat.

Australia exported 88% of its goat meat in 2016.  While Sudanese consume the most goat meat per person in the word, China is a close second.  They eat 1.5 kilograms of goat per capita annually.  Our goats are ethically raised in a hormone and antibiotic free environment.  They will meet the import requirements of your national government regulations and policies.  You don’t have to be a procurement agent from a large company to obtain a goat for yourself.  Aussies interested in a good barbecue or savoury weekend curry are welcome to contact us as well.


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