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Restaurant owners and head chefs are welcome to contact us for a tour to see our goats up close and personal.  We’re guessing that the goat realm is new for you.  It would be our pleasure to get you up to speed.  A goat specialist will guide you along this journey, letting you know which breeds are best for particular dishes and pairings.

We’ll familiarize you with texture, smell and taste.  Order rangeland, Boer and crossbred goats for your kitchen.  Farm to table is a concept that foodies love.  With our goats, you can offer unrivalled authenticity.  If you are interested in goats as pets, we’d love to help.  Goats have a bad reputation for being obstinate and stubborn, hence the saying, ‘stubborn as a goat’.  Boer goats have a great temperament and make wonderful pets.  Teach children about compassion, empathy and consistent care with a friendly, easy maintenance goat.

Australia exported 88% of its goat meat in 2016.  While Sudanese consume the most goat meat per person in the word, China is a close second.  They eat 1.5 kilograms of goat per capita annually.  Our goats are ethically raised in a hormone and antibiotic-free environment.  They will meet the import requirements of your national government regulations and policies.  You don’t have to be a procurement agent from a large company to obtain a goat for yourself.  Aussies interested in a good barbecue or savoury weekend curry are welcome to contact us as well.

Goats' meat is a significant supplement source, especially for individuals of developing districts. These locales represent over 90% of the world goat populace of roughly 650 million. Asian, African, and Caribbean people groups specifically eat goat meat. A gauge of the gross distribution of the world goat populace is 56% in Asia, 33% in Africa, and 7% in Central America and the Caribbean.

Other than the taste, there are a few reasons why you ought to think about eating goat, on the off chance that you approach it.

Three ounces of goat meat has around 122 calories, 0.79 grams of immersed fat and 3.2 milligrams of iron. This is contrasted with 179 calories, three grams of soaked fat and 2.9 milligrams of iron in meat.

Goat is an overall spread animal type with various specialities and aptitudes, among the meat creation. Its utilization differs generally relying upon the district of the world considered. In any case, a typical factor is the nearness of not many investigations in examination with ovine, particularly those that describe the nature of its items (identified with corpse and meat). Age, accessibility, and dispersion of attributes of the species and its creation, created from logical investigations, could support reproducers and society on their training and raising worldwide familiarity with its significance, protection, and gainful prospects.

In spite of the fact that goat meat has been a pillar for some foods, its creation has been picking up prevalence in Canada, becoming by a decent 5 percent every year since 2016 as indicated by the Canadian Goat Meat Association. While it's not liable to push pork out of the top spot all inclusive, its humble development will proceed to some extent because of expanding ecological worries about concentrated animal homesteads.

Goat meat is likewise a more advantageous option in contrast to certain meats. Too, goats are programs and eat what dairy cattle won't, so they make great field sidekicks as they don't vie for nourishment. Truth be told, from a similar size field, goats produce more meat than bovines.

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