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Goat Meat-The World’s Healthiest Red Meat

Goat Meat Farm - black goat
Quality Goat Meat For Sale

Goat meat is the world’s healthiest red meat.  At Goat Meat Farm – Goats for Sale to Sydney and the Hunter Valley, we raise goats that are ethically raised without hormones.  Goats are intrinsically healthy with less fat and calories than chicken and beef.  Figuring out what to prepare for dinner each night can be challenging.  You may have exhausted your chicken, beef and pork recipes.  Try a different protein to keep it spicy at the dinner table.  Use one of our recipes to display your culinary skills.  Don’t tell your family what it is until after they’ve cleaned their plates and licked their fingers.

What’s it all About Billy?

Goat meat is so nutritious and delicious, we wonder why more people haven’t explored it as a protein-rich option. It has less saturated fat than chicken and beef.  With fewer calories and more protein than chicken, consider replacing chicken with a goat at the family table.  It has 72% less saturated fat than chicken and 16% less saturated fat than beef.  If you’re on a diet but not ready to give up meat, a goat is a wonderful option.  You can continue to consume a diet rich in protein but low in calories.

Free Range

Thousands of people have given up beef and chicken due to the inhumane conditions in which they are raised.  Most of the animals we consume lived horrible lives.  When human beings are anxious, depressed, afraid and sick, our bodies produce a myriad of chemicals for survival.  The same thing happens with animals.  When they are slaughtered, humans consume meat and chemicals.  In the end, you’ve gotten more than you’ve bargained for.  Our goats lead healthy, happy lives.  They roam the property at will, making them truly free-range.  You don’t have to concern yourself with ingesting unwanted chemicals because they are artificial hormone-free.

Break Out of the Triangular Prism

There is more to life than beef, chicken, and pork.  If you prepare meals for your family daily, you are well aware of how challenging it can be to come up with recipes that are simultaneously delicious and nutritious.  Goat gives you another option.  You don’t need much to receive your protein requirement for the day.  The texture, aroma, and taste is something they will enjoy.  It is prepared in the same way as beef.  Add it to your weekly repertoire.  You know your family better than we do.  If you think they will balk at the idea of eating goat, ease it onto their plates gently.  Try ground goat meat and make mini sliders out of it.

Good for you, Good for the Planet

We invite you to try a few of the recipes listed.  Discover what you’ve been missing.  A sumptuous goat stew will warm your body and your soul in the winter months.  A goat meat pie with savory gravy and a flaky, butter crust is just what the doctor ordered.  Expand your palette with curry goat over couscous or white rice with saffron.  Unlike sheep and cows, goats are browsers.  They eat leaves, bark and green stems from plants.  Sheep and cows on the other hand clip vegetation at ground level.  Some farmers have used goats as tidy little lawnmowers. Find out many more details about us.

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