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Goat Meat Sydney -A Short Drive to Hunter Valley Goat Meat farm

Goat Meat Farm - herd and house
Quality Affordable Goat Meat Sydney

Pay us a visit and check out our award-winning goats.  Drive-up on the weekend and explore our farm.  We’d be happy to give you a tour.  Take the M1 from Sydney to Hunter Valley to view our farm and see how the goats are maintained and treated.  One goat will typically yield 18 kilograms of meat from nose to tail.  Goat meat Sydney is lovely for sausages, stews, soups and meat pies.  Purchase live goats wholesale, then sell them at retail prices.  Your clients will love them packaged, frozen, chilled or whole.


If you don’t have the time to drive to our farm, we can deliver.  We make goat purchasing easy and convenient.  You don’t need to own a restaurant or be in the goat retail business to purchase a hardy goat.  Select from kids, nannies or bucks.  If you’re interested in cashmere, the Boer breed is right for you.  Goats are the gifts that keep on giving.  Use a nanny for goat milk and goat cheese manufacturing.  We’ve even heard of some of our clients making candles from the milk.  Although farming is our life, we manage to utilize technology to our advantage.  Call or email to place an order.

Goat as Pets

It doesn’t surprise us when customers want to purchase goats as pets.  They make wonderful companions with their easy-going temperament.  Pets teach children about compassion, consistency, and care.  For example, a school may like to purchase goats to teach its students about empathy.  The children would be lucky to have such animals in their school environment.  As long as it is fed its preferred meal of leaves, kept warm and dry, your goat will be happy.

Goat Products    

Goat meat Sydney products are on the come up.  Use goat in your much-loved sausage recipes.  Add goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes for a wonderful meal.  Goat meat can be sold as prepared meatballs and burgers.  Introducing Aussies to the world of goat in a format they can understand will be the key to your success.  One of our customers produces pre-prepared goat meat pies, cheeses with pesto and nutritious goat milk.  As goat meat Sydney becomes more popular, the demand continues to increase.  To learn more about what you can do with the goat, check out the recipes.

Goat Meat for Restaurants

Many Aussie chefs have never worked with goat meat Sydney.  They are unfamiliar with its texture and what to pair it with.  You may find that your patrons are adventurous and curious about goat meat Sydney.  It’s advantageous to switch up the menu every now and again while keeping the favorites consistent.  It would be our pleasure to familiarize you with the various breeds, their taste, and texture.  We would love to establish a long term relationship that expands over time.  Restaurants and café owners are welcome to inquire about the size, gender and maturity as it relates to flavor and cuts.

There are also a lot of exotic recipes using goats meat and if you really want to see those you can email Chef Gordon Ramsy for an exotic goat meal. It may be a lamb chop and you will hear about the lamb sauce. But, hey! When it comes to goat meat Sydney, then we are one of the best.


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